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Unwanted sound from speaker, Why? [SOLVED]

Claudia Teh

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Hi there,


I am going through lesson 2 Logic pro 9 by David Nahmani, and now on page 68, which is Acoustic Recording.


There is an unwanted sound coming from my speaker. I think it has something to do with the microphone. In my past kareoke experience, pointing the microphone away from the speakers seem to help. but, I really do not know how the logic works.


I have tried a few position with my microphone this time, but the sound still remains. It didn't do it last time while I was recording. But not sure what went wrong.


Would anyone be kind enough to help. Thanks.


These are the gears that I am using:


Mac book pro OS X Version 10.6.8

Logic Pro 9

Edirol UA25 as my music interface

Tone Factor S220 condense mic

Casio PX 100 Digital Piano

Logitech speakers

Sennheiser HD215 headphones

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You are getting feedback. THE way to combat that without altering any signal flow is: use headphones when recording with a microphone, do not use speakers/monitors. Even without hearing feedback (mic positioning, filtering, gain adjustment), it will influence the recorded sound, which you don't want. This is not so much "how Logic works", but "how any signal flow works".


Edit: I misread. "I don't know how Logic works." :oops: where you said: "I don't know how the logic works." 8) ...maybe I shouldn't wear shades when reading...

Here's a pretty complete explanation:


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It didn't do it last time while I was recording. But not sure what went wrong.

Nothing "went wrong" per se, it's quite normal to get feedback with a live microphone going through speaker monitors. As others said, use headphones. Maybe the difference between this time and last time is simply that you've raised the mic preamp gain? The higher your preamp gain is, and the louder your speakers are, the more feedback you will get.

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