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Waves change shape when zoomed in Quick Swipe


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Hi, I just can't find any answers on this one, certainly not from the manual. When I'm closing in on detail of a wave while comping using Quick Swipe the wave is as detailed as normal until I start to swipe, then it turns into an undetailed 'log', eliminating all possibility of making a smooth transition. I don't know if this is some kind of harebrained attempt to make things simple for us or an option I appear to have activated. As I don't recall doing so and indeed can't even locate a preference for wave shapes I'm thinking it's default. If anyone can actually understand what I'm referring to and has an answer I'd really appreciate it, it's driving me mad.


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Please add screenshots of both situations, and include a visible timeline for reference. Pics just make these kind of issues much more clear. Now I'm sort of guessing.


Having said that...


It sounds to me like you're going from a sample accurate representation of the waveform to one that displays more than one sample per pixel. The latter will always be approximations. The only solution is to zoom in more.

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I think I know what you're describing and it happens to me, too. It looks to me like Logic switches to a low res preview of the waveform when you're actually dragging the edge of the comp. I have no idea why or if it's a setting that can be changed, but here are images:


Zoomed in and not changing the comp:



Same zoom, but dragging the edge of the comp:



Does anyone know if this is just a limitation of Quick Swipe comping?

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Was a solution to this ever found? i just ran into it and it's making accurate quick swipe editing impossible. i don't recall every having this problem before. I quit logic and relaunched but the problem remains.


Logic Pro X 10.1.1

Mac Pro (Early 2008)

OS 10.10.2

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