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Return signal to Logic from mixing console [SOLVED]


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Hi everybody.

Lately i am having problems with my studio routing since i have included a mixing console.

First my hard/software:

Logic 9

Motu 896 mk3

Yamaha MG-102c console


My routing:

From logic i have 4 track with outputs 1 to 4(mono) which are physical connected to my mixing console via my MOTU with XLR to RCA cables.

Since here all good.

Now i have to return the signal from my console with 2 RCA to input 7 and 8 of MOTU.

The analog meter of MOTU are working(for input 7-8) but i dont have a clue in terms of Logic what to do with them.

Am i doing something wrong?

Should i change something in my routing?

I have strong believes that my Motu was a bad idea to have a cheaper sound interface would do the job.

Thank you in advance.

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Please add your Logic version (including subversion) and system info to your signature: Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting (#5)


If you want the signal back into Logic you'll have to create a stereo track with Input 7-8 assigned then press the Input Monitoring button. (Little I button on the channel strip itself.)

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