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Motu 828mk3, Nord Lead and Built in Audio?


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Hey guys


I've been producing music using logic for a long time now and i cant quite get my head around this setup issue, hope someone can help


Simply put, I want to hear the nords internal sounds through my imacs speakers, not my monitors.


Logics external instrument has multi outs when i select preferences>audio>device and motu 828.

When i select built in audio under preferences>audio>device i have output 1-2, and lose the moto's



So your probably thinking just connect the nords audio outs to 1-2 on the motu 828.

For some reason the moto wont let you use 1-2, if i plug into 1-2 it will output on 3-4 through

logic. Likewise, 3-4 will output 5-6 through logics aux.


At present it appears to be a motu problem but i have had the nord working through the imac speakers

in the past, Motu drivers also appear to be up to date


Let me know what you think

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Try creating an aggregate device (including the MOTU and the Built-In Output).


After selecting the aggregate device in Logic's Audio preferences, you can have an audio channel strip for the Nord - input coming from the MOTU, output going to the built-in output. (speakers)

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Thanks for the replies, i managed to get it working using an aggregate device, something i wasn't aware of until you mentioned it. For anyone else who is having the same problem heres how i solved it


Go to audio midi setup

Click audio on the top left toolbar and open aggregate device

Rename a new device by clicking on aggregate device list

On the settings tick built-in audio and your audio interface

Finally make sure its set on your external instrument plug-in and logic audio preferences are set to your aggregate device



Hope this helps


Thanks again guys !

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