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Can't fix this beat -- Does something sound off to you?


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Hi all, I've been ready to hurl my computer at the wall trying to fix this beat. I'm posting a snippet hear. First off, I feel like the beat overall may be slightly off but I have no musical skill/knowledge and I'm not quite sure how to quantize or fix it to make it sound right. My Logic Project is in 4/4 but when I loop the main beat, it doesn't fit neatly within each measure.


The other big problem (aside from my vocals...*shudder* please ignore those if possible for right now), is the snare part that comes in. That definitely feels off and I've been trying to figure out the pattern that the snare comes in so that I can loop that part instead of pencilling snare notes until the end of the song!


Am I going crazy? Yes or yes?

be a right girl.zip

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Quite a few things here making your life difficult. Not even sure how you've got it into this sort of configuration to be honest?


1. Set the beat division to 16ths.



2. Set the snap mode to smart instead of ticks (top right of the arrange window). Now you will be able to adjust the position and length of regions much more easily.


3. Select all the regions and select "Region>Unlock SMPTE position". You will now be able to move the regions freely.


4. Your regions will be much easier to handle if they are a whole bar long. Currently they are just slightly longer than a bar which gets very confusing if you don't know what you're doing.


5. You may want to look at quantizing the notes to improve their timing.


6. Try to record in time with the click.


Hope that helps!

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