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Deleting unused files/keeping ones' used in other sessions


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Hi there,

I wanted to delete unused files from a current version of a tune i'm working on.

I wanted to delete these from the disk completely but a warning saying that some of the unused files are in other sessions.

Is there a fast and simple way to delete the unused files in the current session without deleting the shared ones?

Is there a way to look into the Audio folder and delete any files that are unused by any sessions?


So far my file organisation skills are crap so any tips on keeping audio files more organised would be greatly appreciated.




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Funny thing is that Logic had a tool that did exactly that and much more regarding all kinds of file management, it was called "Project Manager". Apple removed it (I think in Logic 8) without any explanation why and even worse

without providing any alternative.

You can do some stuff with the Finder's Spotlight or some nasty metadata search in the Console, not really practical.


The Project Manager provided also great functionality with EXS file management. For that at least there was an alternative Redmatica's EXS Manager. But that company and the product doesn't exist (as of this year) because it was bought by … wait … wait … it was … APPLE.


Interesting yes, what does it mean for future functionality in Logic , I don't know.

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That's annoying. I suppose I could copy the session with all the files and then delete everything that's being not being used with out fear of deleting something I may want to look back at. Seems pretty stupid as file management would be a logical feature. I do (at least) dozens of versions of tracks and I would like to keep the files clean and organised but you can't always predict how something is going to develop.

Any 3rd party software?

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