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Multi channel automation external controller issue


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Hey all, good evening and thanks in advance for any advice. Here is my issue:


I am working with an MPC 2500 and Logic Pro 8, I have been for years. Lately I wanted to get into live automation to make lfo wobbles in my MPC sequence. So I got the MPC operating system that allows the transfer of midi CC through the onboard knobs and faders.


Awesome. So now in logic I have the lfo rate being automated in my sequence and it is reading the automation data in the track in logic. Here is the problem though.


When I deselect the track the automation data no longer responds. So for example if I have an AU-instrument on ch4. and my MPC is triggering the melody. if in the Arrange window, I am selected on Ch4 with automation highlighted, the data coming from the MPC is read. and the levels are going up and down. In picture 1 it moves,





in picture 2 it doesnt move.




I want to be able to send automation data for many tracks at once and using latch/touch, record the automation while i track in my audio and synced midi via live record. Any ideas please let me know and thank you. Also attached is the MPC template I am using in logic, if helpful.


I have no idea what I did, but about an hour ago, somehow I got the automation to work when I was not actively selecting the track. moments later logic crashed lol so I dont know, but given my current setup it seems possible given that it happened already once, albeit by accident.


All the best and thank you,


MPC JJ OS.logic.zip

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Please consider the following as untested suggestions:

Have you tried with both tracks selected (higlighted in the Arrange)?

Have you considered trying the Grouping of your tracks, although I am not sure it will allow simultaneous track automation control.

Alternately, you might need to reassign the tracks to the same channel strip.

You may need to go in the Environment in order to route the incoming CC to the aimed tracks.

On the other hand if you wish to achieve the same automation curve on each track, you could simply copy from one track to the other.

I read that you are setting one track to ch4; is the other track set to a different MIDI channel?

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