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transfering sequences into logic


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I dug my 24 year old Roland D20 workstation out and now want to bring those sequences into Logic.


The D20 is an 8 track synth/sequencer/drum machine... each track is on its on channel... 1-8 with drums on 10.


My problem is separating the midi data in Logic... all channels seem to be merged even though I have have assigned each Logic instrument its own channel... ie: channel 1-8 drums on 10


I have "auto demix by channel if multitrack recording" in settings/recording.



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Thanks guys...


I read David's guide before the original posting but still had problems... must have missed something?


I had tried "separate midi events by channel" the first time with no luck... but this time it worked after i opened a new project... kinda.


Seems I still have to create new tracks and then copy and paste the separated midi info to the new track... would be nice just to get it in on pass... I have to run some errands now but will try to get it right later today.


Can't say enough how much this first time poster appreciates you very fast replies!!! :):):D

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