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God put Dinosaur fossils on this earth to test our faith


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It's a bit... Cretaceous...


I'm assuming you were supposed to write "Creative" as there is no such word or thing as Cretaceous :lol:


Sounds quite open and well balanced, well mixed. Kind of a chill-out ambient house species But what I'm wondering is what did it evolve from?

Sorry, couldn't resist! :wink:


Thanks for the feedback much appreciated, all I know is that it was a species that was on Noah's boat. And it surely did not evolve from my grand parents, who certainly don't look like apes (that last bit was from a part of the dialogue that I decided to cut from the song) haha


No the dialogue actually comes from this youtube clip. (Which I find quite enraging but thats another topic)





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That's a fascinating vid. Why get enraged with a POV that's rife with logical fallacies? :wink:


You end up playing into the same game, which is to get annoyed because someone's choosing their own fairy tale. I think eveyone should get to choose their own fairy tale. (Yeah, I know the kids aren't choosing yet. But they will eventually.)


Apropos of nothing at all, I'm reminded of a quote by Richard Bandler. He said that he discovered that he'd been wrong about so many things that he decided to be wrong about more interesting things as he got older.

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I think eveyone should get to choose their own fairy tale. (Yeah, I know the kids aren't choosing yet. But they will eventually.)


Nice try, but if you knew anything about early childhood development you wouldn't be so cavalier about five year olds being indoctrinated with fairy tales as "truth." They won't grow up to "choose their own fairy tale." They'll grow up to be stupid, uneducable, easily led by the nose, and, if they ever DO begin to question what they were taught, fearful and depressed.


Too many Americans are already stupid. Encouraging them to be even stupider is something to get angry about.

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Believe me Gravity Jim, I do NOT condone what those "indoctrinators" are doing with those kids. It's entirely likely that many of them will have a world view that's informed by that for the rest of their lives. But that process likely commenced in their homes, since it was probably their parents who installed them at this "school" in the first place. And what do you do about that?


There's been some interesting studies that seem to indicate that most people form opinions first and then go out and find evidence to support their POV. If true, that would be something worth teaching! Wisdom in our species comes at a pace. "Cultural relativism" was one of our first recognitions that we view other cultures, not with a clear scientific lens, but with a raft of biases. The same applies to how I view religious instruction like in that vid.


When I find things on YouTube that look to me like complete BS, I sometimes find myself wishing that the haters could come up with something better than "what a retard" etc, etc. My point in my previous post is that it's easy to condemn. A lot of religious people are already doing that. If I just condemn right back at them, what have I accomplished? Expressing your anger at what you regard as dangerous or criminal is necessary but there are a lot of issues in life that could stand a gentler approach.


I think it's a good thing to have a strong moral POV. But I also think that POV needs to be accompanied with more than just calling someone a moron. (And just to be clear here, I'm not saying that YOU are calling anyone a moron.)


Essentially, I agree with your concern that those kids are not being taught to think for themselves.

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@refectingme Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it


@Camillo jr Some wise words there my friend and to be honest I couldnt care what anybody else chooses to believe in life as long as it doesnt interfere in other people lives (too much) I happen to believe that when we die, our bodies add a bit more nutrients into the soil and that's all. It's just the brainwashing the kids part that gets on my nerves, but as you said, most of them will be able to think for themselves when they get older.


@Eriksimon Great Movie

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