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Guitar records ok, but waveform is tiny


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I'm helping my friend who has a mac pro 1.1 2006 running logic pro 9.


Using a tascam us122l soundcard. In good working order.


When recording a midi sequence all levels in channel strip are good.


When recording audio (guitar) the guitar is audible but there is only a barely visible output signal in the channel strip. The guitar records ok but the wavefrom is very small and on playback the levels are hardly visible.


Why is this happening please?

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The volume is up on the us122.

First, "volume" and "gain" are two different things. We're not talking monitoring volume, but input gain. So make sure you're actually looking at the gain knob.

Second, "up" doesn't mean much. Is it ALL THE WAY up? Can you not turn it up any further? Is the input set to instrument?

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