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Logic + motu 828 + analog mixer


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So I have a Motu 828 MK1 and wanna buy a small mixer (behringer EURORACK UB802 or Tapco Mix 100 ).

But I little confused about audio routing in Logic Express 7.2


So signal from motu outs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 will be connected to inputs 1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 on mixer.

And then master out from mixer will be return to motu inputs 1,2 for bouncing.



How to setup Logic environment? :roll:



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That is one way you could route things. I guess it depends on what you want to accomplish. Sounds like you want to mix on the small mixer and bounce back into Logic? I think you'll find that with both of those mixers you mentioned that you'll get some pretty bad sound quality for studio recording purposes. What is motivating the mix outside the box?
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bad idea.

Not only are the mixers less than savory but your also converting your signal twice with that set-up..


I don't understand why you would want to do this?


I've heard of people having problems with their stereo field when they bounce everything out on the master bus in DAW's, but that can be solved by just routing a stereo summed signal out of a SPDIF output to a nice CD burner that takes SPDIF input and recording the audio in realtime. This will preserve the stereo field as the same you hear in normal playback while mixing.


Hope this helps.

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I'm bout to sell my Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro for cheap...


It's about a year old and has functioned admirably as a summing mixer as you describe, albeit for 16 channels... Has served me well to monitor trackings sessions, now I'm starting to take mixing gigs here so I'm moving in my larger Soundcraft.


The Mackie has no issues. PM me if you're interested.


Best, Marcel

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You can do that pretty easily with just the 828, the outboard compressor, and the Logic I/O Pluggin. Read up on the IO pluggin and the routing options of the 828. Save yourself some cash and a lot of unwanted noise of those cheap boards. :-)


Then again, if you really want to tinker around with an analog mixer (I know I like to) then I'd say buy one - but don't buy either of the models you listed. Save your money and get something like an Allen & Heath or maybe a Soundcraft. Mackie's, Tapco's, and Behringers are all cheaper...but they sound cheaper, too I'm afraid. I'm not claiming that the A&H or Soundcraft sound particularly good for studio applications, mind you, but they do sound better than what you're looking at and you'll be happier with them long term.


Good luck!

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My suggestion would be to have your 828's out 3-4 go into your compressor's input, and your compressor's outputs go to your 828's in 3-4.


Then when you want to use the compressor in Logic, you set the output of the track to Out 3-4, and record onto another track set to In 3-4.


And... put the mixer back in the box, or sell it on eBay. :wink: I mean, unless you need it for another reason, but you don't need it to use your compressor.

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