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Meta Event Values Documentation in Logic 3.0


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I own the MIDI-only version of Logic 2.5, which I had upgraded to 3.0. The 3.0 version of the manual (an addendum) does not address the topic of Meta event values in faders (with the exception of those values applicable to the Bang Fader), and the 2.5 version provides the following information for the Meta event values recognized by Logic (2.5) internally.


49 - Goto Screenset

50 - Goto Song (for song select control of external sequencers)

51 - Goto Marker

52 - Stop playback

100 - Tempo Control

125/124 - Transform: Condition values 1 & 2

127/126 - Transform: Operation values 1 & 2


To satisfy my curiosity, I created a new fader using the "Auto" style, and altered its "Out" definition to "Switch", after which I cabled it over to a Monitor. Next, I changed the fader's output Byte -1- value from 0-127 and executed a fader movement after each alteration to see what appears in the Monitor. By the way, with "Auto" style selected, the fader appeared as a Cable Switcher for Byte -1- values 0-48 and a standard fader for values 49-127. Incidentally, I also defined the fader's "Range" lower & upper limit values as 0 & 1, respectively.


As I stated before, the fader functions as a Cable Switcher when the its output Byte -1- value is set to any number between 0-48, inclusive. Repeatedly clicking on the Cable Switcher alternately selects either the first or second predefined ports (Range 0-1). However, no data is generated as is evidenced by the continued blank Monitor display.


Meta event values 49-52 were given earlier. Of those, value 50 produces the following output in the Monitor.


x 4 n 0


n = some number within the Range values of the fader, presumably allowing up to 128 song selections in an external sequencer, if that sequencer supports that many.


Meta event values 53-127 all produced output in the following format.


M c m n


c = MIDI output channel defined in the fader

m = meta event value 53-127

n = Range value within the lower & upper limits of the fader


I'll have to assume that the Meta event values given at the start of this post are the only ones internally mapped to Logic. Still, given the less than stellar quality of this documentation, I wonder if at least some of the remaining values are also internally assigned to other Logic features.


I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks.



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Yes, I had downloaded the Logic 7 reference manual a short while ago and saw the Meta event defintions you posted. It appears with the exception of the "Assign Alias" event, Logic 7 contains the very same Meta events as Logic 3.0. Naturally, "Assign Alias" makes no sense in Logic 3.0, since there is no "Alias" object in the Environment.



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