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Details in "Controller Assignments" Window


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I have an MPD-24 and I want to use one of the knobs to automate a tape delay so that the delay time slides smoothly between 25ms and 35ms. I've been playing with the "Value" parameters in the "Controller assignments" window, and have gotten close but not quite there. I found that if I set the mode to "Direct" I can get the value to slide between 0 and 31.75, but it moves in increments of 2.5, and I can't get as smooth of detail as I'd like between the 25-35ms range.


Is there any way to "Add" instead of multiply. Like if I could have the minimum be 25 instead of 0, then use the knob in "Direct" mode with a multiplier of 1, then I could smoothly slide between two values.


I thought that the rotate function might work for that, but rotate always adds numbers, whether I'm increasing or decreasing the knob on the MPD. So the number just rises as I turn the knob and never comes back down.

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