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AAF Import - Regions referencing incorrect audio files


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I'm transferring a film project from pro tools into Logic pro via AAF. I export the ProTools project (foley, background, dialogue, etc) to AAF, and then import into my existing Logic project 7580]

(score) in order to mix the entire project.


What happens is that many of the imported regions (correctly named though they are) seem to reference a single audio file (obviously not the right file.) I have successfully done this process with dummy projects according to the instructions of Todd Burke




but for some reason this PT project doesn't like logic or vice versa.


Mac Pro, 10.6.8, ProTools 8.0.5 (PT project created in ProTools 9), Logic 9.0.7 (running in 64-bit)


If anyone has heard of this problem before, I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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I have just experienced this issue when receiving an AAF that was exported by the video editor in Avid. When I import the AAF file, logic prompts me to locate a specific file which I choose from the audio files folder included with the AAF. Logic then loads all of the audio files in the folder. Once Logic opens, all of the regions appear to line up in their rightful places in the timeline and are named properly yet upon playback, they all reference the same audio file. In some cases there will be a noisy clip lasting a half second or so that sounds like wordclock blips sped up. I also receive an error message that reads error code -39 invalid file.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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