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Stylus RMX creates a weird beep-tone


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good evening to the forum


i'd say i'm quite new in the area of logic pro & it's rather helping my producing lady next to me to get a rid of her Stylus RMX nightmares. if you miss a more detailed descibtion, please don't hesitate to ask. i appreciate any sort of support with this.


my lady uses logic pro for quite a while already without major concerns, but after installing Stylus RMX it again & again occurs, that from the very beginning - a weird beep tone, almost metronome like.


example: she opens a new logicpro project, creates a new audio track, activates Stylus RMX plugin and opens Stylus RMX >>> and suddenly that beep tone starts - beep, beep, beep. sometimes even if the track is mute.


the only thing to get a rid of it, was to reduce the volume inside Stylus RMX with the gain at the lower left side.


sorry if not all terms might be correct, but i'd rather enjoy my woman with a smile & thus try to solve that problem for her, as even our audio engineering friend (who's supposed to be a logic PRO) couldn't help.


thank you for your time & support




LOGIC 9.1.5

SAGE Converter 1.5.1d

OS X 10.5

MacBook Pro

2,53 GHz


only internal harddrive

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Hi and welcome to Logic Pro Help!

Thanks for submitting your system information. It would be great if you could attach that information to your signature. Just follow THIS LINK.


It sounds to me like you have some kind of external MIDI device that is transmitting messages to RMX.

Stylus defaults to a beep sound when initiated but something must be triggering it.

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