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Logic constantly crashing while writing in Piano Roll


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Hello all,


Logic keeps pinwheeling on me, freezing while I'm in the middle of writing in the piano roll.

I'm scoring a piece of video for a Uni assignment, so I have that playing in my global tracks. All other audio-related apps (itunes, firefox, etc.) are closed. No effects processing at all, let alone heavy load CPU sappers. Just using several instances of the EXS24 playing built in sample library instruments. Buffer size at 512, which I've been told is safe.


Also, hilariously, it will occasionally crash when I click "Save".


Lost about 2 hours work in total so far, not best pleased.


Think that's it...Any ideas?

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Ah sorry, I didn't see the edit! I've changed the energy settings, what do you mean by playing it from the internal drive?

Downloading software updates as I type this, won't be able to compose anything meaningful tonight, but I'll boot everything up with the new settings tomorrow and see how it goes.

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