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View option: Small box appears before track? [SOLVED]


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Did you install a MIDI Control Surface lately?

If so this is normal.

These lines indicates which track your controller are currently assigned to affect.

You can change their color in the Control Surface Setup window.

If not, go check in the Control Surface Setup window. Logic may have unduly installed a MIDI Controller automatically.

That could be caused by some MIDI feedback or other MIDI interference triggering a false detection of MIDI controller presence, thus causing its installation.

If you Bypass all Controllers, you will normally see these edge lines disappear.

In case of a false detection, to solve the problem, you could delete that unduly installed Control Surface directly from the Control Surface Setup window. Select its icon, then press the Delete on your computer keyboard. It would be worthwhile to troubleshoot your MIDI hardware setup if the problem occurs again in order to prevent it...

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