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Mimic Flo Rida synth sequence?

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I am experimenting with mixing some semi-dubstep with rock and I can't, for the life of me, find info on creating a synth fill like, for example, on Flo Rida Get a Good Feeling http://blogs.westword.com/backbeat/2011/12/when_pop_goes_dubstep.php


All the dubstep videos seem to be focused on the bass wobbles and strange effects. I am NOT looking for the dirty bass. Rather, I am looking to get a similar synth sequence or sound which seems to work well in pop songs incorporating some semi-dub parts.


Any assistance appreciated.


Thank you

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I tried to recreate that first wobble in the flo rida song. i use NI massive and the bitcrusher from logic. It's not bang on but its close. now you can tweak it as you like. (make sure env 4 levels are max on massive)





massive and bitcrush screenshot

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