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This is not horrible singing, it is more like embarrassed reciting, sometimes almost mumbling. If you deliver it with just a little more confidence it would be a lot better. But most of all I think things would improve immensely if at least the chorus was really sung (by a woman or a small choir?). I very much like your overall sound and pleasantly confusing lyrics though.
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Sorry I shouldnt have called it singing. I don't think I would ever attempt making a sound from my mouth that represented a musical pitch. haha. The "talking" was also a quick and dirty one take wonder and I agree it could sound much better.


I think a choir would sound awesome during the chorus, but I'm having a hard enough time finding one person with a respectable singing voice who's willing to record with me, let alone a whole choir!


This is the first time I've ever sat down to write lyrics that were optimistic and I think they are actually kinda work. Maybe I'm not the miserable old bastard I've led myself to believe.


I think I'll stick with this song for a while, find someone with a pleasing voice and if I get lucky enough find a choir willing to record.


@refectingme I'll definitely hit you up on that brass line in the future. Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback guys

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