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WANTED: Trap bass channel strip setting

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Could someone please provide a channel strip setting for 808 kicks in the style of "Trap" beats. Here is a example of the bass i am looking to recreate



I have had a few goes already but they seem to miss the "drive" and end up sounding a bit rubbery :roll: I thought this may be a good topic as when i searched i could not find much regarding this particular genre of music.


From my understanding its compression?



Would greatly appreciate any help.




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Well gosh, I'd start with a stock 808 kick, add some EQ and compression. Did you try that?


I listen to that kick and I wonder if it's so dull because the music is bright or because that's just the way they rolled it?


So, open up an instance of the EXS and start with a stock 808 from the EXS's Electronic Drum Kits menu, bump up the bottom a few dB at 60 - 80 Hz, and roll off several dB of high end with a high shelf EQ, starting at about 500 Hz.


Now insert a compressor. Drums / Type U Tight Kit might work.


This should get you in the ball park but of course, a lot depends on the music that surrounds it.

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That dude got a chopper in his car? this confused me until I found out he was referring to a gun not a helicopter......


By the way I just made a patch for the ES2




Its more for educational purposes than anything, it basically shows you how to make an 808 esque sound with logics ES2 plugin.


Compress it, mutilate it, do what you want with it. All it is, is a pitched sine wave with very slight distortion.

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