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zarvox speech effect

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Hi everyone!


I wasn't quite sure where to post this, so I decided to do that here.


Basically, I want to apply the zarvox-speech effect on written text, but everytime I type something and higlight it, rightclick and hit 'speech', and then 'start speech-function', a normal human voice says what I wrote, but I want that voice to be the zarvox one, and then import it into Logic.


Does anybody know how to do this?


I've heard a similar effect on Spearhead's 'Chocolate Super Highway', Brockie & Ed Solo's 'Echo Box', so I know it's definitely possible, I just don't know how :oops:


Sorry for the noob questions guys!

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thanx for your replies!!


On my laptop (running lion) I was able to import it into logic (highlight text, start speech, right click > itunes, and then started up logic and imported it like I would any audio-sample).


On my desktop (running snow leopard), I'm now able to get the text transferred into the desired voice, but when I right-click I don't have the option of saving it as a track in itunes..


Any tips for getting it to work using snow leopard?


Thank you very much for your time and effort!

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I'm glad there's a workaround, though I'm now actually pretty keen on sorting it out on snow leopard too..


Since I have a couple of tunes (Spearhead among others - from waaay before snow leopard) that use that particular effect on it, it has to be possible one way or the other..


Anyway, thank you once more for your replies!


I'll post back when and if I find a solution :wink:

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