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external hard drive recs - (WD MyBook ?)

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i'm looking into an external hard drive to transfer my audio files from the old PC over to my new MacBook Pro (see specs below). i'll then use the external HD to access old media and record/save new Logic Pro projects...


anyone foresee problems with a Western Digital MyBook Pro 500 GB firewire external hard drive? will everything operate fast enough in real time? i'm open to other suggestions, too...



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I just bought one of these for a project, a 320G. I have always used LaCies, but could not find one smaller than 640G (I only really need about 150G for a project) and was in a hurry, so I took a chance. Looks reasonably well made, I guess time will tell.


As far as working off a FW drive in general, you should not have any problems. I have done this for years without issue.


Hope that helps.


Best, Marcel

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I know I sound like a broken record, always repeating this but, just imho...


1.) My LaCie D2 160GB makes a barely-audible (but audible!) high-pitched whine when the power cable is plugged into it (always). I've also read that LaCie's are using Maxtor's inside (I haven't checked) Not the biggest deal in the world, but...


- got a new Seagate 500GB and it's very, very, very quiet. Silent when not in use. So I'm loving Seagate these days.

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