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Best way to rearrange the order of parts of songs?


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I'm working on a song, and want to re-arrange already sequenced & recorded tracks in a song to different positions. For example, I want the part that starts at around 1min to go to the beginning, and push everything to the right in the timeline. The catch is the opening few min of this song are completely freeform with no real tempo, though we do have new tempos after this section (we go from free form to 90bpm at around 2min, and then to 130bpm later in the song, etc.) so I would like to preserve all tempo changes, automation, etc for these different sections.


Would it be best to tempo map the freeform intro section first (which would be a task in itself!), and then re-arrange sections, or is this not necessary? Any advice on how to achieve this goal with the least amount of headaches? I must admit I've put it off as frankly I dont know the best way to go about this process, but feel its worth learning for this and future occasions as well.



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