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Davids' Logic Pro 9 book... I just bought it !!

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What.... WHAT...... WHAT!!!!!!


EXERCISES..... Oh. My. God!!! I've failed already :)


I bet there's a secret interstellar hyper-radion-teleporter device that monitors my performance and progress eh! haha


Seriously David - you're welcome, it's no problem at all. It is pretty easy for anyone with half a brain to see that this forum is a superbly run forum, providing prompt expert advice on all matters LogicPro. Given that you are the owner of said forum, and happen to be the author of a LogicPro book it goes without saying that I am certain the book is class. I am looking forward to receiving it tomorrow (ordered from Amazon UK & opted for next day delivery). Also, if there are exercises then that's awesome... not sure how well I will do though if I am honest, but I do love learning.

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Well, it arrived on time and as expected having been ordered through Amazon.


I spent some time reviewing it yesterday, having a quick look through some of the sections etc, and last night - after a pretty heavy night here at home with friends, and getting up to bed at 01:30 - I still managed to have an interesting read through it. I should point out here though David, that yesterdays reads do not constitute to me being able to pass any of the tests :)


So... round 1 starts today :)

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