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Assigning Battery 3 cells to pads on Midi Controller?

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can shine some light on this one for me!


I want to assign the cells in Battery 3 to the pads on my Roland A-500 pro midi controller so I can use them as sample triggers like an MPC or Maschine.


So far I have tried:


Clicking learn (in the cell section of Battery) and pressing the pad - nothing.


Going to the automation page in Battery and selecting the midi CC number of the corresponding pad. According to the Midi Monitor program, the first pad was CC 29. But how do I drag the CC number to assign it to a cell when I can't even see the cells. They're on a different page!


I've also tried Cmd + L in Logic to assign the pad that way. That didn't work.


Looking forward to hearing some of your ideas!


Many thanks

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