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Logic Pro 9 & Mountain Lion, on opening LP for first time...

Fran Carpenter

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Dear LPH or anyone who can advise...


I upgraded to Mountain Lion, and on opening Logic for the first time afterwards, it did some kind of audio/midi check (it said it would only do it once and then wouldn't again). Result was that one audio (possibly 'general midi' - 'AU' something or other?) component 'failed'. (It gave me a list of what worked and what failed and there was one at the end which failed.)


I can't so far find anything wrong with Logic (it appears to now be 9.1.8 but I don't remember upgrading it at all... maybe it just does it itself!). But am concerned that once I get into a new project it will fail me in some way. I don't want that to happen at a critical time.


Anyone got the same issue come up on upgrading to Mountain Lion? Is it a standard thing that's meant to happen, or is it something I should worry about and aim to get sorted out?





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Fran, what Logic is doing during that initial launch is checking compatibility of all your AU plug-ins, not components of the Logic program itself.


Any AU plugin that doesn't pass simply won't show up in your plug-ins lists, so you CAN'T accidentally engage the "bad" plug in.


So, no worries. Logic won't fail because of this.

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