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Recording Pipe Hits

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So, I am doing some video game sound design, and I need to make a "shield disturbance" type sound. Kind of a low frequency wub. I have two pvc pipes in my basement of varying lengths that definitely make a nice little wub. Does anyone have any idea what the best way to record these is? I remeber an interview with the sound designer of District 9 saying he used some pipe hits for some of the weapons, but they didn't really get into any of the recording.


Also, holding it is kinda tough. Holding the pipe deadens it too much, and I haven't tried a belt or vices yet, but if anyone has any cool ideas or tricks or has done this sort of thing before, please reply.

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Maybe set up two condensers(or anything you have) close to a rug on the

Floor. Whack the pipes on the rug, with a loose grip on the pipe. Kinda like a

drummer holds sticks. The rug will dampen the initial transient, creating more of a thump.

I did this once for a friend to sample and use as wierd toms. Hope that helps.



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