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getting logic to recognize external a/d conversion

diy guy

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first, i am next to completely ignorant about syncing and related things. i dont even know if any syncing is involved in this question. all i know is that i have a presonus firepod, and a mytek a/d converter. im sending my input signal to my external preamp, to the mytek a/d, to the firepod via spdif, and i want to know how i can get logic to set the input to the digital spdif in. so far it does not recognize it at all. can someone walk me through this?
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Have you gone in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder and opened Audio MIDI Setup (icon looks like a little keyboard)? Is the Presonus available in the Default input and output fields as an option? This would tell you whether or not the system recognizes your hardware...


If it shows up here, open Logic and go to Logic>Preferences>Audio>Audio Drivers. On the Core Audio tab, select the Presonus as your I/O, similar to how you did in Audio MIDI Setup. Now it should be available in Logic as an input device.


You do not need to worry about clocking Logic to an interface. Core Audio will take care of this for you...


Hope that helps.


Best, Marcel

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