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I have received a QuickTime movie and have inspected the movie and it says the Frame rate is 25fps


But when I load the movie into Logic and set the FPS to 25 the SMPTE doesn't match with the burned in timecode on the movie?


I have never had a problem before, just wondered why this isn't syncing correctly. I have loaded the movie into DP and it doesn't match either - so I'm thinking its something to do with the burned timecode in the movie file.


I have tried every other FPS and none of them match.


Thank you for your help in advance





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It could be that whomever made the QT movie striped it with a timecode burn at the wrong frame rate. I've seen this happen before, mostly by amateur directors and editors. Suggest you contact the filmmaker and tell them about the problem, and have them prepare a new movie for you with a burn at the correct frame rate.


While I'm positive this is your problem, one way you can check is to open the movie in QT. Assuming that the frame rate of the burn isn't skipping frames, and keeping in mind that frames are numbered starting at zero... Use the right arrow key to advance picture one frame at a time until you arrive at the 23rd frame (frame number HH:MM:SS:22). Then continue to advance one frame at a time and see what numbers appear in the frame field:


• if, when you advance past the 24th frame (HH:MM:SS:23) the frame number wraps around to zero, the timecode burn was generated at either 23.976 (23.98) or 24 fps.


• if you can advance past the 25th frame (HH:MM:SS:24) and the frame numbers continue to increase then the timecode burn generator would have be set to either 29.97 or 30.

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