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Looks like a classic: Midi Program Change


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I have tried and googled and tried for ages but still no luck for me.


Birthday Wish: To be able to browse through presets from Diva and Massive and get inspired = Press a button or turn an encoder and you get the next preset. Don´t like it, press again and go to next preset :D


Pressing the mouse do not feel really good for browsing patches...


I cannot save as performances, since I would like to browse through presets I do not know to get inspired


All the best

MOrten :D

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Think I found a lofi solution.. Arrow keys on the apple keyboard takes me to next patch. I´m trying to assign those arrow keys to another key command moving the over to the left hand to Q and W, but I´m not having any luck so far, since the arrows are used in multiple windows. Where can I find the arrow keys that moves the patches up and down in the plugin window. No matter what I do I can assign next track etc. to the Q and W keys but I cannot find the arrow keys that are used inside the plugin window so I can reassign them to Q and W..


Any idea on how to do that???

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