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How to access saved Reason.RNS file within Logic Project?


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I recorded a midi file from Reason 5 using Rewire into Logic Express 8.0.2. I created a new instrument using the Kong drum machine. I created an external midi track and recorded the midi. It sounds great!


When I closed Logic and reopened the project, the midi notes were still on that external midi track but there was NO SOUND DURING playback. The only way I could get my Kong settings for playback in Logic was to physically open the .RNS file that I saved in Reason.


Is there a way I can skip this step of having to find and open each .RNS file that I saved in Reason so that I can use for playback in Logic?


There must be a way that Logic intuitively knows which .RNS file to open for each external midi track when I open the Logic Project file that needs it. Yes? Or am I dreaming?


I have a feeling that I'm not storing my saved .RNS files in the right place on my mac so that Logic knows which Midi sound to use.


Mac 10.6.8

Logic Express 8.0.2

Reason 5


Thanks fellow Logic Friends!

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You're dreaming.


Reason in this regard is acting almost like a hardware synth. Logic will get the MIDI data, but if you want the audio data, you have to either Freeze the Reason stuff, or bounce it to disk.

Of course, the workaround, is that you save the .RNS file in the same folder as your Logic project, so you always know where it is.


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