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Control Surface - Mackie MCU C4 Pro

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I own a Mackie MCU Pro and I am very happy with it. I love the integration with Logic. Although I know I can control my instruments & plug-ins with it, I find it a little cumbersome accessing the parameters I want to tweak with just 8 knobs. I like to think of my MCU Pro as mostly mixer control and want another device as mostly plug-in and instrument control. I have tried going the route with Novation and Automap but unfortunately find it buggy and after several new releases, these bugs have not been addressed. So now I am looking for a C4 Pro to complement my MCU, but this is raising some questions I have not been able to find answers to.


1) Why has the C4 been discontinued but not the MCU or extender? The C4 is very hard to find second-hand.


2) Does anyone here have experience using the C4 with Logic and what are your thoughts?


I fear there were problems with the C4 and that may be why it was discontinued.


Any experienced thoughts appreciated, thanks!

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