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Plug-in problem after transferring from macbook pro to Imac


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My macbook pro has been plagued with the dreaded 2008 nvidia graphics chip problem. While it's being 'reflown' - again - , my friend has given me his Imac to use.


I've reinstalled Logic 8 and NI Komplete 5 into the Imac. But now, when I load up a previous song arrangement, one using NI 'battery' for example, the actual plug-in is there, but the specific kit for that arrangement, which would load up automatically in the macbook pro, isn't. It's now an empty preset. Same with an exs24 string to which I had applied a filter cutoff, while using the macbook pro. The imac loads up the exs instrument, but it can't find the patch and filter info and says 'Missing'. All Space Designer reverb settings are lost too.


Where exactly does logic keep this info? Edits which are made to plug-ins, but aren't saved as a specific preset.

So that when I get the macbook pro back, I can transfer the appropriate settings into the imac, and the plug-ins etc will know how to load up for any given song/arrangement. (Projects are saved on external hard drive)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks

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Well, you're EXS24 instruments should be stored in HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments or User/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments.


Space Designer presets can be found in HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Plug-In Settings.


Your Battery library can be stored anywhere. Mine is on an external HD.


The fact that Logic and your instruments can't find those presets means that they are not installed on your iMac. If you have backups then you will need to manually install them in the above locations.


Battery will need to be directed to the location of its library. If you open up Battery go to the File menu and click on Options you'll be able to direct Battery to the location of its library.


Unfortunately, if you haven't got backups then you'll have to wait for your MacBook Pro to be repaired. One thing that it does highlight is the importance of backing up everything—projects, instruments and presets. There's a quote I read recently (I can't quite remember exactly where) "if you only have one copy, then it doesn't exist." Wise words when it comes to computer stuff.

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Space Designer is working now on the recently installed imac.

A file called Impulse Responses was located in Audio. Logic couldn't find it and hence couldn't load anything up.

It's now in HD/Library/Application Support/Logic.


The missing Battery patches from the old macbook pro projects still remains a mystery however... :?


Thanks to reddog for helping to shed light on things.

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