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+4dBu Vs -10dBV What To Use With Duet 2 + SM7B?? Help!

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So after hours of reading and basically everyone saying completely different things about the topic I still want to know what Analog level setting to use on my Duet2.


Common sense says to just use the Mic setting since I am just recording vocals and commentaries, but someone told me that I needed to have it set on -10dBV instead. My eyes hurt from reading so many different discussions about this without finding a clear answer.


If anyone knows anything about this or has any info about it all please let me know because I want to make sure i'm using my equipment to it's full potential.


Thanks in advance!!!


another quick thing to ask...


Is it safe to turn the preamp for the mic all the way up to 75?

It seems like it starts to get a lot of static after 70, but the size of the wav lengths are so small when recorded I can barely see them unless zoomed way way in.

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If you're recording with a microphone use the Mic setting, if the microphone is a condenser you need the phantom (+48v) to be turned on.

If you're recording a commercial/consumer line level (CD/DVD player, iPod, ...) set the input to -10v.

If you're recording a pro line level, set the input to +4v.

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