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Do some plugins create latency, even w/ PDC?

Eric Wikman

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I always test using a ref track... or complete song to compare the timing.

Either a hat pattern... or bass line.

Even.. yes.. two kicks.

As soon as I insert... it is late... maybe 100ms.???

Just a guess though..

Unless you know the latency of each plugin, like in the Cubase Plugin info window.

But that won't let me read AU plugins.

:? :?



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Do some plugins put tracks out of time .. no matter what the settings?


Yes. Latency is a property - which Logic asks each plugin. They can either go unreported (no offset), be incorrect (improper calculation of through times), be technically restricted (rare) - some properties may not report the updated value until later... so it may take loading up a different session and back - in a bad scenario - offset calc could happen on the fly in others and could require start/stop for others.



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