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Ping testing and latency issues


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Hi everybody-


I've spent a couple hours UTFSE to no avail, so here goes. I'll try to be as thorough as possible, so please bear with me.


I've been using Logic Pro for a few months now, and have had zero latency issues of any kind. I've been using a Line6 KB37 as an interface for recording guitars, bass, keys and vocals and a Roland VDrum kit, triggering Addictive Drums using a MIDI/USB converter into my Mac. The Line6 is also USB into the Mac.


I've been able to work everything wet, whilst playing / recording / monitoring using both Line6 inserts and Logic Pro's without engaging low latency mode.


Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, the Line6 device's mic preamps leave a bit to be desired, so I figured I'd upgrade to the Focusrite 2i2 as a stepping stone to a better interface in the future.


And the latency demon burst into my near-zero-latency world with a resounding crash.


Last night, I tried to record a bass part into an existing project using the 2i2 as the input device. I obviously had latency issues out of the gate, so I lifted the channel strip from the stereo output and switched to direct monitoring on the 2i2, which I was monitoring through headphones. All went well with the recording, but upon playback there was a serious delay in the bass part, on the order of 100-150ms. I tried recording both in low latency mode and out. Still not fixed.


I jumped to the search engine and began scanning for solutions, and came across a couple mentions of a ping test, but no clear description of exactly how to do it and how to make use of the gathered information. I'm cool with the idea of recording, and then sliding the late parts forward to the correct time for now, but I'm thinking there has to be a better way…Is it possible to set an offset for the recorded parts across the entire project? (Just thinking in print)


I really like the way the 2i2 sounds, so any help would be greatly appreciated. ALSO - I would like to have the option of recording vocals while hearing some effects, as I've found most singers like to hear it a bit wet, myself included.


I'm sorry that this is so long, but I wanted to be thorough. If I've posted anything incorrectly, please let me know.


Thanks very much in advance,



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