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IMAC question: hooking up 2 audio interfaces


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That depends what interface it has (USB, Firewire, etc). Just connect it to your mac and install any driver (if it comes with one). If you have two USB audio interfaces and running out of USB ports on your Mac, then yes, you need a hub. Make sure it has its own power supply.


If you want to use two audio interfaces in Logic at the same time, then you have to create and "Aggregate Device". This is done in the "Audio MIDI Setup

Utility app.


Hope that helps

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Hi, I was just told in that mode that logic sometimes creates problems and reads one audio inteface as input and the other audio interface as output, would this limit or cause problems? or instead of having mulitple audio interfaces is it better to just pick up one good one to avoid conflicts.


I need something that is 16in and 16 out or 32in and 32 out or 64 in or 64 out. I perfer 64 in and 64 out


bad news i'm running this on a imac system.

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