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Narrowed down my audio interface to four choices

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Hello, I'm looking to get an audio interface soon, done lots of researching online and narrowed my choice down to the following four interfaces:


- Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

- Presonus audiobox 1818VSL

- RME fireface 800

- Motu 896mk3


I wondered what other people's experience of these interfaces are? Basically i need five mic preamps (3 vocals, up to 2 mic'd guitar amps) and 2 instrument inputs (for directly plugging 2 guitars in at the same time, in which case mics would not be used), plus line in x 2 for a synth/piano and possibly midi.


I am under the impression that, with the RME, you could only have one guitar plugged directly into the single instrument input and you would need a DI box to plug one into one of the preamps, is this correct?


They all have pros and cons, liquid 56 has all the inputs but the silly FW400 for which i would need a 400-800 adaptor. RME is well expensive and has only 1 instrument input but I hear very good things. Motu has no midi from what i can see.


Any advice would be most welcome.


Cheers, Rich

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Drivers are solid man. Thing is, interfaces usually come in configurations

of 1, 2, 4 or 8 mic pres. The 8 pre kinds usually lack some features like midi,

multiple outs, 1/4" inputs and such. You could get a Travler and a small mixer

with mic pres and go into the line inputs. Is this more for recording or live use?

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It would be for recording, but live if you know what i mean, so two guitarists and a keyboard player, all with a separate vocal mic (as well as recording individual tracks). So I would need the 5 pres, but yeah like you say either I can get 2/4 on an interface and get a separate pre module or get 8 in one interface. I was thinking the 8 cos it would probably be a bit cheaper (unless its RME) and i've got some spare cash for mics.
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Ive been using the liquid 56 for about 3 years now and definatly like it.

The 2 liquid preamps even have made me decide to get the Liquid Mix 32 as well.

Runs really smooth.


Do you use a 400 - 800 adaptor for it? I know on the focusrite website it says that people have had problems with 400 - 800 cable and should use a particular adaptor.

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