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toggle the right click tool


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In my Mac's System Preferences > Mouse, the right click is set as Secondary Button.

In Logic Preferences > General > Editing, the Right Mouse Button is set to: Is Assignable to a Tool.

But, if I press esc to open the toolbox, then right-click the tool I want to assign to my right-click, it changes my left click tool. :shock:

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More info here:


LP8.0.2 Works OK

LP9.1.6 Works OK in 32 bit mode

LP9.1.7 32 OK

LP9.1.7 64 NO




LP9.1.5, 9.1.6 and 9.1.7 all work OK




OSX.8.2 LP9.1.8 32 bit NO


Go Figure, but it looks like for me it could be a 64bit issue, or maybe some iffy preferences?




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