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Sidechain trigger details


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Hi guys,

have few questions about proper/convenient sidechaining in Logic mostly for house music purposes.


1. Is it always better to have exactly the same sample for side chain triggering as the one been used as a main kick drum in a track?

2. If not then is a short kick drum as a trigger is always better (mostly for bass lines and leads)?


3. If an audio sample used, it's easy to shorten it by dragging the right side of the audio region. How to achieve this in EXS 24, by Env2 Decay fader?

4. Is there any advantage of using MIDI (sampler trigger ESX24 for ex.) as against AUDIO regions?



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1. No.

2. No, it depends on the results you want.

3. The EXS24 also uses audio samples, so you can click "edit" to open the instrument editor, double-click the sample to open it in the sample editor, and shorten it there.

4. The advantage of using a virtual instrument to create the kick sound is that you don't have to stream the audio from the hard drive. This may or may not be useful to you depending on whether or not it's important to you to keep all hard drive resources for other tasks (if the HD is already stressed a lot then you'll relieve it a bit by not using another audio track just for the trigger kick).

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