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Sharing Logic Sesssions - Missing Loops?


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Hello. I am new to the Apple world and am just getting used to Logic (countless years with a PC/Nuendo setup).


I have a colleague who is sending me some zipped Logic sessions so I can work on them as well. Whenever I open any logic session that he has used an Apple loop in, I get an error that it can't find that file in my library. When I then try to search for that file myself, I realize that it is now missing.


Example... I just opened a session that used "Live Edgy Drums 6" and "Live Edgy Drums 15". Logic can't find those files, and when I search myself I come to find that all the "Live Edgy Drums" are there, except for #6 and #15.


Is Logic deleting these files when I open up these sessions? Is this a known bug?


Please advice! Thanks!

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Re index your loops in Garage band if you have it installed.. They are both GB loops and so, due to a (long standing) bug in Logic that affects a small group of people.., reindexing all your loops in GB seems to fix this issue...




If that doesn't work then try reindexing spotlight....




Update: Btw,.. those two loops happen to be ones that come with GB.. Others in that same category are part of the Jam pack 1 set.. so those are found in a different folder.. (just in case you are wondering why some show up and others don't..)

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