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Recording multi-timbral 3trx, event list says midi channel 1


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I've just been recording with PLAY, in multi-timbral mode, using only midi channels 1, 2, and 3, obviously over three tracks. What I noticed is that in the event list when I record (each track individually) is that they all say 1, in the channel column, when I would have thought it would say the relevant midi channel because it states which midi channel in the inspector?



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Logic doesn't channelize the MIDI channel of the data you record. But it will channelize it on the way out to the plugin.


Thanks ski,


I see what you mean.


Love the midi 101 video, help me out so much (especially with the event list) !

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I'd leave them as they are unless you have a specific reason for changing them. Here's one...


Let's say that you have two tracks playing string sounds from Play: pizz violins on ch. 1 and staccato violins on ch. 2.



At the moment you're not 100% sure about the parts, and you're thinking that some of the pizz notes would sound better as staccato, and vice versa. Bouncing back and forth between the two different tracks to edit them is becoming a pain. It would be easier to edit these parts if they were on the same track, but still retained their MIDI channels; then you could easily change the MIDI channel of any given note to get it to play one articulation or the other.


In this case, were you to merge (glue) the two regions together, Logic will automatically channelize the notes from your original staccato part to channel 2, retaining channel 1 for the pizz.




Going back to the original scenario of two separate tracks... if for some reason you wanted to channelize the notes on the ch. 2 part so that they appear as channel 2 in the event list, you can use a process called Normalize to process the MIDI data of a region. The Normalize function changes the MIDI channel of the recorded events (ch. 1) to the channel on which they're actually being output to the plugin (in this case, ch. 2). Normalize will also take any current realtime transposition, velocity, and delay amount and impart them to the MIDI data in the region (and then zero out the realtime parameters).


To find this function, do a search in the key commands for "Normalize". I believe there might even be some arrange window local menu items for this that offer additional options.

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