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deleting audio files


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I realize this is an embarrassing newbie question but I was wondering if someone could clear something very simple up for me.

I recording a couple takes on a keyboard into Logic Pro 8, and want to delete them permanently.

I recorded them onto a track that is titled "Juno" (because it's a Juno synth), and when I go into the Media bin I see a Juno Audio #1 and Juno Audio #2. When I attempt to delete them permanently, I get a message saying "at least 2 projects also use these files."

My question is this -

I have other projects that also contain files titled Juno Audio #1 and Juno Audio #2, but they are completely different recordings from different days. Does Logic not differentiate between these files? By deleting the two files I don't want from the first project, am I going to delete a whole bunch of other, identically titled but different files from other projects?

Just wanted to make sure...

Any advice would be much appreciated...


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You're welcome! But whether or not you run the risk of deleting same-named audio files depends on how good your digital housekeeping is. For example, you have two projects, Project A and Project B. Each one is entirely contained with their own project folder. Within each project folder is an audio folder (as usual), and within each of those are files named Juno Audio #1 and Juno Audio #2. They're not the same files; they just have the same names.


Now, let's say that in the Project A folder you have "My Song A" and "My Song A with scratch vocal". Both use audio files called Juno Audio #1 and #2 --- the ones that live in the audio folder within the Project A folder, not the Project B folder. So if you attempt to delete those audio files, Logic will warn you about deleting those files located within Project A's audio folder only. It won't look to Project B's folder and see that you have files with the same names, so those are safe.


One way to be sure that you're not sharing files between projects... There's a key command called Open Bin.... Assign a key to it if one isn't already assigned. When you use that command it will open a separate bin window in which you can see the full path to each audio file. Have a look at the path for those files and make sure that they're the right ones.


And if the pathname is too confusing to follow, another way you can find the files is to select the file in the bin and then use the key command for Show File(s) in Finder. A finder window will open and from there you can navigate backward through the folder hierarchy to discover what project it's actually associated with.



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