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logic 9 temp files + plug in settings [SOLVED]


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Hi Guys,


Im really interested in something i've come across lately.


My hard drive failed and i lost all of my software but not my projects that were on my other hard drive.


Anyway i reinstalled things like omnisphere and UAD.


Opened up my projects that used these plug ins and all my settings were still present Be it that synth sound that i had on a track or that eq setting on of my UAD.


My question, how did my project file remember this info even if that particular piece of software got lost?



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LogicPro remembers all the settings in your project - from audio clips used, MIDI notes played and recorded, to software instrument tracks and their settings used on the track. These settings are all saved in the Project file that's created.


So, despite you losing Omnisphere and other software synths - albeit temporarily, had you opened the file with them still missing Logic would have reported them as so - when the links with your soft synths were re-established Logic will simply open the synth coupled to the track on which it was used, together with all the settings applied.



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