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Firewire to SDXC slot in new MB pro?

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In my current portable setup - I've been using an ExpressCard/34 (with Firewire 800 in) into the expressCard/34 slot of my Macbook Pro to give me a separate Firewire Port/channel. I've been using that port for connecting my Presonus Firebox Firewire interface... for live input of Microphones and a guitar into Mainstage.


I use the built-in Firewire port on the MBpro to connect an external Firewire 800 fast hard drive that holds all my samples and recorded tracks for Mainstage. I found that using the built-in firewire 800 port AND the ExpressCard port gives me the best, most glitch free results - because that setup provides two separate Firewire channels.


My new challenge is that I've got a new MBPro on the way... thunderbolt connections and a SDXC card slot. I've been researching, and found the Sonnet Echo ExpressCard Pro Thunderbolt Adapters - that will port my ExpressCard/34 in via thunderbolt. But, I haven't found any cards for the SDXC port that adapt firewire into that SDXC port.


Does anybody know of a SDXC card that has Firewire 800 (or 400) in? Do you think that the thunderbolt ports on the new MBPro would provide the thru-put that I've been getting from my current setup? The hype would suggest that the Tbolt ports would be fast enough... but anybody have any real-world experience with this?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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