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Logic Pro 8 on Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.2


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Hello All!


So recently I bought a new Macbook Pro that came with Lion which I upgraded to Mountain Lion. I've been searching forums for a few weeks now and have gotten my copy of Logic Pro 8 installed, however, every time I attempt to open it, it crashes... Any suggestions?

I've already tried most of the tricks I saw online (opening the contents and trying to run through the terminal, etc.)


I really don't want to upgrade if I don't have to.. If anyone has any ideas at all please let me know!



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The answer lies in the fact that L8 is not designed to work with Lion... or ML for that matter.. You can get it to install/work but it is not always stable by any means, as you have found out... and for some people/setups.. it never works no matter what you try/fix/workaround...


In all honesty it is time to update to L9... rather than waste so much time and effort trying to get an unsupported app to run in Lion.

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