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multi-timbral mode and the use of multi-output auxes for au


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I've got a couple of questions with regards to multi-timbral mode and the use of multi-output auxes for automation.


Say for example, I have an instance of MT Omnisphere and am using just midi channels 1, 2 and 3. On midi channel 2 I have some strings playing, I want to add some effects and automation to these strings.


I know that if I add the effect to the instance of Omnisphere and draw automation on any track it will effect the other tracks, so I use an aux and change the output so the strings come from aux 1. I draw some automation of the effect on aux 1 for the strings. What I then did was copy the string region on to the automation lane, so in effect having a duplicate of the strings region, but on aux1 track and with automation all in its own region. I then deleted the string region and the actual track, and am left with aux 1 ( as well has the original 1 and 3 tracks). When I play it back everything sounds as it should with the automation going. If you want to add automation to a multi-timbral track could you delete original track just use the aux? The output aux also has the same midi channel number of the derived track and there aren't so many tracks/auxes?

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