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Logic Express 8 Not Responding / Audio Driver Issue [SOLVED]


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Logic was working just fine yesterday. Now every time I open Logic, my mac says "Not Responding." So I opened Logic while holding CTRL and I disabled core audio and Logic opened right away. Obviously I couldn't hear anything but I could finally see my project.


I'm using EXS and some projects have more software instrument tracks than others. One project I have is just two tracks, one is a guitar audio track and the other is a cello software instrument. This project behaves like all the others. It won't open if my core audio is enabled.


I was watching my Activity Monitor and it seems that sometimes my RAM is 99% used and others times it's 50%. Either way, Logic won't open.


When I "Force Quit" Logic, there remains a frozen white screen on my desktop which is really annoying. So I have to do a system Restart to get rid of it.


I'm pretty sure the issue is caused by the audio driver somehow but I don't know what to do. Please any suggestions??? What can I do next to fix this problem?




Mac 10.6.8

Logic Express 8

Edirol FA-66 (Hardware Audio Interface)

Vienna Appassionata Strings

Reason 5

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I think I found the solution. I plugged my USB key for my Vienna Symphony Library. After I plugged it in, and then opened up an project, there were no problems.


However, some of my projects do not contain an software instruments utilizing my VSL. So I didn't think I needed to plug the USB key in. Apparently, I have to always have the USB Key plugged in irregardless of whether the project contains VSL software instrument tracks or not.


Strange but at least everything is working again.


(And yes, the problem also occurred when I unplugged my audio interface)

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Then there must be something installed in your system related to your Vienna products that Logic runs into when starting up. If Logic does not find what it's expecting (which apparently it finds every time the USB key is plugged in), then it hangs.


Better contact the Vienna people to see what they say about it.



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