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Looking for small controller - no keys

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My regular controller (Yamaha AN1x) stopped outputting all G#s and one other note so I've been using an even older Korg unit which has a non-working joystick. I'm not a fan of joysticks and I much prefer a mod wheel for the expressive orchestral stuff, so I still need something with mod and pitch wheels.


The thing about this Korg is that I like the feel more than the An1x, so I'm going to be using it for a while. The keys are more weighted and I find my chops are improving more on this than on the Yamaha.


At any rate, I still need a working modwheel & pitch wheel but I don't need a whole keyboard. What's out there? I talked to a guy at a local store about controller units that have no keyboard and he said "no such item". But what does he know? :lol: :roll:


He did recommend something called a Master Key 25, which at $60 is certainly inexpensive but again, I don't need the keys and don't really have a convenient place to park it, small as it may be.


Any ideas on alternate controllers that have mod and pitch wheels? (Or something that will work in a similar manner.)

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