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Weird sound is getting layered onto my sample


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Hey guys,

So I recently chopped up a sample, loaded it into the EXS24 and was messing around with it. All was well.

Then, I wanted to add another sample to the next available Zone (next empty key on the keyboard) but every time I load the sample in, a weird sounds layers on top of it...

When I delete the new zone, it goes back to normal. Here is a video example:



First I am playing the sample that are loaded into the keys, then I will try and load another sample to the next available zone (zone 7) and you guy will be able to hear the random layered sound....

Edit://I am also noticing that when I load the sample into the EXS24, it doesn't appear on the EXS24 Edit window keyboard....


My question is: How do I add more samples with out that random sound adding itself onto it?


Thanks for the help.


I've attached the project file as well.

MoombahBeat 2.zip

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ahh, i see. how come it does that? Shouldn't it just know to load at F#4?

Nope. If you want to load a sample into a specific key, you can adjust the parameters in the dialog that pops up after adding samples, or just drag and drop samples from Finder straight onto piano keys at the bottom of the editor.


Also, even though it says its loaded into D4,

It doesn't. It says it's loaded into a zone that spans from C-2 to G8. D4 is the root key, to which sample pitch is related when played on other keys. Root key can be any note, regardless the key range.


there isn't a little gray box above the keyboard/the sample still doesn't play when I hit D4...

There in't a little one, but a BIG one. It plays on D4 as well as any other key and I can actually hear it in your video. If you want the sample of your audio region to be on F#4, you can:


• Drag the region into the editor as you did in the video and then just adjust both of the key range parameters to F#4 and root key as well, if you want to play it at original pitch.




• Select the audio region, bring out Audio bin, right-click on the audio file and select Show files in Finder (cmd-shift-R) and drag the sample onto a desired key.

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